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Shori Sims was born in 1999 in Baltimore, Maryland and now lives and works in Pittsburgh, PA. She attends Carnegie Mellon University, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with a minor in Africana Studies. She has exhibited work at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, Brewhouse Gallery, and with the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh. She has also exhibited at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst and with Lubov Gallery in Brooklyn, New York. Her articles and zines have been published in apmagazine, SPICY Zine, SKEW Magazine, and Yale’s Asterisk* Journal of Art and Art History. In Fall 2020, Shori created illustrations for Printed Matter Inc. in New York City’s artist stamp series. Shori has also worked remotely with the Brooklyn Museum, assisting the education department as the museum’s School Programs intern. In Fall of 2021, Shori showed internationally for the second time since showing with RUN Gallery in Toronto: with Warbling Gallery in London, England.

An interdisciplinary artist, Shori Sims has continually found her work grounded in representation. Essential themes of her work include the black female body as a site of resistance, African American identity in the anthropocene, and the symbolic language shared amongst Black womxn & queers: especially as propagated through online space. Shori is interested in mining the “online”, the Black beauty-salon, and downtown buildings tagged with graffiti, for the aesthetic gems within. She is also interested in the visual language of anime as her ultimate example of representation pushing the boundaries of that word. Shori is interested in the endless possibilities presented by alternate universes: both through and beyond the body, and the way these universes are made manifest in digital space.