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Shori Sims was born in 1999 in Baltimore, Maryland and now lives and works in Pittsburgh, PA.  She has exhibited work at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, Brewhouse Gallery, and with the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh. She has also exhibited at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst and with Lubov Gallery in Brooklyn, New York. Her articles and zines have been published in apmagazine, SPICY Zine, SKEW Magazine, and Yale’s Asterisk* Journal of Art and Art History. In Fall 2020, Shori created illustrations for Printed Matter Inc. in New York City’s artist stamp series. Shori has also worked remotely with the Brooklyn Museum, assisting the education department as the museum’s School Programs intern. In Fall of 2021, Shori showed internationally for the second time since showing with RUN Gallery in Toronto: with Warbling Gallery in London, England.

In their work -- spanning sculpture, video, and performance -- Shori seeks to excavate queer Black collective memory.  Shori’s work positions itself at the intersection of past and future: interrogating past experience to further expand, improve, and propagate the archive for future generations. Conceptually, Shori is fascinated by omnicide and human fantasies of the Apocalypse, the construction of queerness and Blackness in a future that no longer necessitstes the physical body, and the Internet as a tool of queer Black reclaiming and liberation. Visually, Shori is looking to early 2000s video games, beauty supply stores, and the Internet itself as a vessel of images. Through numerous and varied methods: Shori conjures images of Black feminist utopia.